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Hello and welcome to my project homepage.

My name is Sean McKean; I am a hobbyist programmer and interactive computer enthusiast.
I create unconventional software which showcases my striving for connective and moving designs.

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Mesa Maze game test release update (2018-07-19): I have added a new challenging opponent. This enemy floats around the maze in search of the player throughout the regular game; he cannot be defeated until the player exits the maze successfully.

Windows, Linux and Mac platforms are supported. Please note that the Mac version is currently a minimal executable program; I will eventually add full macOS package support when I get around to it. As the game nears completion I will strive to fully support Android and iOS platforms.

Download mesa-maze demo v0.2.4 for:

Play instructions are included with the download. Please let me know if the demo doesn’t appear to run correctly or if something needs better explaining.

Otherwise, please enjoy :-D

"Mesa Maze" preview (2017-06-12)

(Note: this is a very dated preview, check the downloadable demo links above for a more recent update)

Here is the page for my free HTML5 game, Artifact of Mazes. It is a mix of 3D maze exploring and puzzle solving, and it includes two custom practice modes plus a few help screens. It is also touchscreen-sensitive (tested on Chrome, Firefox and IE 10). There is also a YouTube video you can check out to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.


This is a javascript program which renders animated textures upon hand-calculated 3D shapes with HTML5.



I have been composing computerized music for a few years now; my screen name is mirim.

Head over to SoundCloud to enjoy some of my latest audio projects.