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Working to reveal familiar involvement with computers

This website is dedicated to software projects of mine written with a commitment towards quality work and personal technique.

My name is Sean McKean; I am a hobbyist programmer and interactive computer enthusiast. I aspire to write unconventional games and apps which showcase my personal taste for elegant and balanced interactive design, while avoiding uncomfortable software choices to ensure the user's growing familiarity and involvement with my work.


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"Mesa Maze" preview: I have lately been at work on a game I plan to release on PC / Mac / Linux / Android / iOS platforms sometime in the near future. Here you can check out a video preview of some early gameplay elements, which you can see are a bit similar to Pac-Man (TM) and other maze-running games, except for the concept of moving along the surface of a cube. There's still plenty of development currently going on so I'm not sure exactly when the game will be available. The music piece featured was written by me.

Spirit Solitaire is an original game played with a regular deck of 52 cards. The objective is to place 'bridges' between 'islands' using the difference values between pairs of cards. The demo is free to play on Windows PC / Linux and is also available on the Google Play store in free and full (non-free) versions. It is currently closed-source.

Versions available: Windows, Linux 32-bit, and Linux 64-bit

Current version is 2.0.5

If you own a Mac or mobile device:

  • Android version
  • iOS version
  • macOS version
  • Store versions are available in demo and non-free downloads.

    Here is the site for my free HTML5 game, Artifact of Mazes. It is a mix of 3D maze exploring and puzzle solving, and it includes two custom practice modes plus a few help screens. It is also touchscreen-sensitive (tested on Chrome, Firefox and IE 10). There is also a YouTube video you can check out to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.


    This is a javascript program which renders animated textures upon hand-calculated 3D shapes with HTML5.



    I have been composing computerized music for a few years now, mostly with tracker software.
    Head over to my SoundCloud page to check out some music I have written under my screen name, heay.

    Life begins and ends in balance...